Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Playdoh Phototropism

In this lesson we made an animation out of Playdoh to represent how Auxin is produced in the shoot of the stem and what happen afterwards. The animation also shows phototropism in plants. This is when plants move in the direction of light. The Hormone Auxin makes this possible as instead of going to where the light is Auxin goes to the shady side of the Plant. The hormone of Auxin works by Elongating cells. This allows the plant to go towards the sun as it bend due to one side being longer. If Auxin happens to grow on to the light side of the plant the Auxin inside will become inactive. This is what our animation shows.

In this lesson we were fortunate enough to not only learn about Auxin for ourselves but through demonstrating how it works our visitor was able to learn something new.


  1. Hi Bobbigrace, nice explanation but I would just make sure that you say "grow" instead of "go" or "growth response" instead of "movement" - these things are what makes this plant response a tropism, and different to taxes and kineses. Looking forward to your summary of the lessons we shared yesterday too!