Monday, 8 February 2016

What I know about Diabetes so far?

Talofa lava
The first thing we have been asked to do this year for Biology this year is to write about what we remember about diabetes from year 11. There are two types of diabetes. Type one and type two. There is also a form of diabetes you can get when your pregnant called gestational diabetes. 

Type one is a type of diabetes that is genetic in which people are born with . People with type one diabetes usually get it at a young age. This type of diabetes cannot be cured but can be treated. People with type one diabetes constantly have to take their blood sugar and have to inject themselves with insulin three times a day. 

Type two diabetes is from to much sugar and damage to the body. Some forms of type two diabetes are more severe than others. People with type two diabetes have to eat less sugar and some need insulin.
Gestational diabetes is formed when and her sugar levels are to high because the mother cannot produce enough insulin. This form of diabetes makes it more likely for the mother  and child to develop type two diabetes in the future.

This is just what I remember from year 11 and may not be 100% accurate just letting you all know. Thanks guys :)