Sunday, 17 April 2016

An experience at Teaching

For our lesson with only four students on the 5th of April 2016 we each got to experience what it was like to be a teacher. All of us had to come up with an activity to teach the other students about a particular topic given to us by our teacher.

Tropism and growth responses
First we were taught about tropism and growth responses by Cherub. She taught this to us through doing a word search. The word search did not show us the words but the meanings and we had to try figure out the words for ourselves. The words and definitions linked to the topic of tropism and growth, Overall what I learn't about this topic is that tropism is the directional growth of Plants that may be negative or positive and is in response to an external environment.

Investigating Gravitropism
Lana taught us about investigating gravity. She taught us through a presentation which explained what we had to do. We had to draw how the hormone of Auxin is involved in gravitropism in plants. Overall I learnt that in the stem Negative gravitropsim is happen this is because the bottom of the cell is elongating allow the plant to bend and go against gravity. In the root Auxin is also in the bottom layer but it is telling the cells to not elongate as the top cell elongates. This means that positive gravitropsim is happening in the roots.

Nastic responses
Rita taught us about Nastic responses. She taught this to us through a presentation and Kahoot. The Kahoot was won by Cherub. Overall I learnt that Nastic responses  they are growth of plants in the direction of the plant response and does not rely on the direction of the stimulus.

Investigating Phototropism

I taught the class about Phototropism and how there was investigation conduct of phototropism, I taught this by first making questions through a presentation and then making these questions in the presentation into a kahoot for the class to play. I wanted to teach through a kahoot as it is a fun way of learning and because it would be fun I believed that other students in my class would be more interested in learning about the topic. What I wanted the class t learn overall was about how Auxin affects Phototropism.

Answers to questions in presentation
1.Makes cells grow by elongating them
2.It goes to where there is no light
3. The Auxin become inactivated by the light
4. By differential growth

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  1. Hi Bobbi - this is a really comprehensive summary of the lesson! One thing that I would comment on is that nastic responses aren't always growth responses, but you're right about them being non-directional. Nastic responses are movement in response to a stimulus (such as touch) and the response is much more rapid than a tropism, and can be reversed. It can occur because an electrical signal is sent to the plant's cells (rather than a plant hormone like in some tropisms), which causes potassium ions and then water to leave cells, and make them flaccid. This can be reversed as water moves back into the cells again, making them turgid. You can see this in mimosa plants :)