Monday, 14 March 2016

My Critter:Taxis

In class we had to create our own critters.My Critter is called the Octarabbit. The Octarabbit lives under the water and when it is trying to find its way home it sensors the chemical of Randomness in order to find its way back home.  What is orientation response and adaptive advantages for the Octrabbit? 

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

My First Assesment:Homeostasis

Our first Assessment for this year is about how we maintain stable internal environments Homeostasis. For me at the start of this assessment  I was worried as I felt like I would not do well and did not fully understand the topic. This began to change as I started writing and finding out more information about the topic as everything started to click in to place and become understandable. Compared to year 12 I found that this assessment was a lot easier than last year. Especially if I was to compare this assessment to our gas exchange assessment last year. To be successful for this assessment I reckon you just have to be good at trying to find the best and most relevant information and to be calm and just try your best. Things will become more understandable.