Monday, 14 March 2016

My Critter:Taxis

In class we had to create our own critters.My Critter is called the Octarabbit. The Octarabbit lives under the water and when it is trying to find its way home it sensors the chemical of Randomness in order to find its way back home.  What is orientation response and adaptive advantages for the Octrabbit? 


  1. Orientation: Positive chemotaxis
    Adaptive Advantages: The response might be adative so that won't get lost in the big deep blue ocean:) .. lol

    Amazing Critter Grace! I love it. HAHAHAHA
    Oh and btw, it's RESPONSES not responces :)

    God Bless

  2. Cool example Bobbi - sort of like how salmon find their way home to the river they were born in, to have their own offspring :)

  3. So interesting looking at all the students blogs. I love your critter Bobbigrace, and I'm learning a lot too.

  4. Thank you Rita,Miss Wells and Anne for the lovely comments. Also Rita thank you for the constructive criticism ill change that now :).

  5. I wonder if the chemical of Randomness is a pheremone excreted by the parent Octarabbit.

  6. Hi Bobbi, thanks heaps for having me in your class today - what an awesome group. I really appreciated the questions you all asked, they helped me learn more about phototropism. I'm looking forward to seeing the girls animation, have an awesome level 3 year!